Lauren McDuffie Creative

Let's tell your story, together. 

Welcome! I'm Lauren. I'm an award-winning blogger, author, freelance writer, stylist, and photographer. Whether you're a client in need of these services, or a creative entrepreneur looking for inspiration, resources and a community - I'm here for you. 

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For my Clients

The boutique campaign development and content creation work I do for my clients affords me the unique opportunity to combine my marketing background with my professional experiences as a freelance writer, author, photographer, stylist, and recipe developer into a comprehensive creative marketing agency. My broad range of creative work experience affords me the unique capability to cater to your story with every word, image and ingredient. 

For my Creatives

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that traversing the winding and unpredictable road that is the creative business journey is so much easier when you've got someone in your corner who gets it. Who gets YOU. For over a decade, I've methodically and strategically built a thriving business based on my love of creating - of making things and hoping they'll catch someone's eye, that they'll catch on ... that they'll catch fire. I couldn't have done it without the invaluable resources and support I've gotten along the way, and that's what is all about. With the blog and the ever-growing resources page, this site is intended to be a haven of hope and support for YOU, as you grow and prosper in your own creative journey, and as your own story unfolds. 

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At the end of the day, customers don't want to be marketed to;  they want to be inspired. In my experience, the very best way to do that is to let your story speak for itself. Enhance it. Embrace it. Engage it. I'd love to work with you to discover just how we can create a special, meaningful campaign to best tell YOUR story - and to make sure it's heard.  

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Working with select clients to develop meaningful, impactful campaigns is what the creative agency side of Lauren McDuffie Creative is all about. For over 10 years, I've worked with clients across many industries to get to the heart of their businesses, targeting the very best strategies for campaign development and content creation. Now, with the addition of my award-winning blog, Harvest and Honey, I am able to offer my clients even more by housing relevant content on my site and social platforms, as well as theirs, if they so choose. 

I have a loyal and devoted following that looks to me for products, ideas, flavors, inspiration, and essentially - ways to make their lives better, easier, and more "deliciously lived" every day.

I enjoy working with clients to discover exactly how I can weave their unique stories into my own - giving their brand a seamlessly symbiotic relationship with mine. 

I look at you, my future client, as my future dance partner. We'll get to know each other at first - we'll get nice and comfortable and find our footing. We'll exchange pleasantries and need-to-knows and then we'll get down to the business at hand. I'll learn your moves, and adapt them to mine. I'll get to know your story and figure out the best steps to take to bring it to life, to impress people and make them want more.   





Frank Cottle

CEO, Alliance Virtual Offices 

“Simply put, Lauren is a joy to work with.  Professional, creative and full of productive energy.  No project is daunting to her, and every project gets the same quality standard of attention no matter its size.  We plan to continue to use Lauren’s services as long as she’ll have us as a client.”


Jennifer Rubenstein

Publisher, Edible Indy 

"I was thrilled to come across the amazing talent of Lauren McDuffie two years ago on Instagram. Her work captured the heart and soul of food photography, pulled me in and gave me a huge hug. After admiring her work I reached out with hopes she would want to work with Edible Indy and we are honored to have had her not only bless us with her talents of photography inside the issue, but also as a cover artist. Her eye for creating something unique and breathtaking is excellent and the kindness she exudes makes her someone we want to have as part of our team. Lauren is beyond just a photographer, her recipe development, her enthusiasm to create and her willingness to give her projects every ounce of her talent is why we will always have a place at our table for her."

Toshi Maeda

Director of Operations, Alliance Business Centers Network

 "Alliance Business Centers have used Lauren McDuffie's writing services for the past few years, and she has helped to improve the wording on our sites and also helped us in promoting our worldwide summits and strategic summits. Every time we request an article, wording, etc. she delivers a high quality product and on time. I really recommend Lauren McDuffie."  

Michael Bollinger

Managing Director, Legacy Financial

"We hired Lauren to write all of the copy for our updated website and for a one minute video on our homepage. We were very impressed with the product that we received! Lauren was a pleasure to work with and really understood the language and feel that we were looking for in our new copy. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for high quality writing."

Goardy Hoagland 

Acre Commercial Real Estate

"Lauren is outstanding. She is extremely hard-working and caring, which is evident in her writing. With Lauren you get quality content and an enthusiasm that is contagious. She's a special girl with a lot of talent. I will continue to work with her in the future." 

Melissa Hounshell

UK HealthCare

"Lauren McDuffie is a wonderful writer! She has written several pieces for publications that I produce. She always identifies well with the topic and/or subject and relates that wonderfully to the reader. Several people can write. However, Lauren writes with a passion for others and a heart that shines through her work. If you’re looking for someone who can do more than “just write”, hire Lauren. She will complete the piece on time and do so with a smile."

Filip Przybysz

Director of Marketing and Communications, Neoteric Hovercraft

"Lauren had a difficult task of writing for a very unique business, like Neoteric Hovercraft, selling to an extremely eclectic customer. She came up with ideas for our online content, that were unique, beyond expectations and definitely sent a message, that in our case was a very difficult thing to do. Her work, made our work a lot easier. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone, looking for a different approach to written content."

Cynde Estep

Senior Service Line Marketing Manager, UK HealthCare

"Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Her sunny personality shows in her work.  She is highly motivated, requires very little direction and produces high quality pieces that meet or exceed expectations."