I tell stories. Lots of them, all the time. It seems I am unable to help it, really. I tell big ones (memoirs and cookbooks). Little ones (I write marketing copy for websites, brochures, pamphlets and the like). Really little ones (I once was hired to write the copy for someone's business card.). Made-up ones (children's book!). Hard-to-shake ones (I dish on the personal stuff on my blog), and make-or-break ones (my first writing gig was as a mayoral speechwriter). I also tell stories without any words at all (I'm a photographer and food stylist).

Whether the stories belong to me, to you, or to a stranger whose path I've yet to cross, I have a passion for digging into the heart and soul of what makes someone or something unique, and then figuring out the very best way to share that - what's the best mode of transportation for that special quality, for that story? It's always there, the answer to that question, and the fun is in the looking.  

Also. I've been working as a freelance creative person (i.e. writer/photographer/stylist/recipe developer) for over 10 years and have made a great living by doing all of these things that I love, where I love, and how I love to do them. I enjoy teaching other creatives, and sharing how I've done it; the hurdles and the hardships, the shots called and the shots taken, the successes, the secrets - all of it. 

So, this space is also dedicated to some of that as well; to sharing experiences and spreading creative energy, support, inspiration, and information. I will house resources to all of those ends right here on LMC, on the "resources" page, as well as on the LMC blog. 

The waters of uncertainty, vulnerability, and difficulty into which we wade as creative entrepreneurs can be a doozy when traversed alone. I've found that by fostering a support system - a creative community of like-minded folks who are interested in learning and growing together - those previously murky waters don't seem so daunting anymore. They become inviting, in fact. Exciting. So, let's dive in together, shall we? You jump/I jump. Cannonball style. This is going to be so much FUN. 


** A big thanks to Amy Gray of Silver Pebble Photography for providing me with many of the images on the site.