On Fear

Do you ever let fear make your decisions for you? I know this is something everyone does, and I can feel myself being guilty of it lately, as I’ve been presented with some totally new opportunities and adventures that have thrown me for a major loop. Making decisions to either move or not move based on what I’m afraid could happen, rather than what I want to happen is the trap I’ve fallen into, and I’m working on figuring my way out. While I should be focused on the positives, the possibilities, and the payoffs I’m wallowing in my fear of the “boos,” the rotten banana peels, and thumbs pointing downward.

But as my mama always says, “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.” My favorite three words to ever be strung together, this is the universal truth, and probably the antidote to my lacking confidence and fear-based fretting.

The older I get the more I realize that everyone, in one way or another, is talented. Everyone is creative, wildly so, in our own ways. It’s what you DO with all of it that kickstarts the really interesting stuff of life, right? Where will you take your talent? Where will you take aim? And that’s the thing: in order for something to make the highlight reel o’ life, you have to actually do it ... and that includes the thing(s) that scare you. Maybe not forever or for very long, but for a pretty little while, you just have to jump and be okay with not being totally okay. Discomfort equalizes eventually, and the waters of fear and self-doubt become more tolerable, comfy even. Or not. But at least you tried. And you didn’t let fear win. And you’ll be stronger the next go round.